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The Fee for Service Dentist Podcast

Welcome to the Fee for Service Dentist Podcast!

May 10, 2020

What is the best way to give a raise? Dr. Drew Byrnes interview Amy Morgan, the Vice President of Consulting Strategy for Spear Practice Solutions, on this topic and more. In today’s episode, you’ll learn:


-What is the best way to give a raise?

-Why FFS dentistry is the best way to practice for dentists and patients

-The one thing that keeps most dentists from being different from their neighbors 

-What is your brand promise and why you must never break it

-The first two steps of an effective marketing strategy are critical for FFS practices

-Why having free coffee in your office will not be enough to make you stand out

-Patients will pay any fee if they believe in your and they value your expertise 

-When it might actually make sense to take dental insurance

-Best practices for transitioning out of network

-The best incentives program to motivate teams

-How to find the best balance between being a dentist and a practice owner



Episode resources:


Dental Membership Direct

Dental Financing Direct

Dental Membership Master Course with Dr. Chris Phelps



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