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The Fee for Service Dentist Podcast

Welcome to the Fee for Service Dentist Podcast!

Sep 30, 2018

How to tell long term patients that they need lots of work.

How to treatment plan large cases without ever "selling" dentistry.

How to keep the standards from slipping in your office.

Treatment plan smile design like a pro on an iPad pro.

Transitioning from high volume PPO to high end FFS. 

"If you're willing to make it...

Sep 23, 2018

That’s right.
-How do we make dentistry sexy enough that patients will actually “want” it.
-Recording before and afters on Facebook is sexy
-Being consistent to core values is sexy
-Predictablity is sexy
-Snaggle teeth are not sexy

Sep 16, 2018

How do you get 138 new patients a month?


That is exactly what Drew asks Shaina. For only being 9 months into her start up, things are going very well.


You'll learn:

-How Shaina gets 138 patients a month

-How she keeps the patient experience high and consistent for all those patients

-How to grow your practice...

Sep 9, 2018

Drew sits down with Kimberley to discover how she was able to create a FFS niche within her practice.

In this episode, you will learn:

-How to offer FFS service even if you are in network

-How rebranding your services can make dentistry seem fun

-Why would a bachelorette party want to visit a dental office?

-What the...

Sep 2, 2018

“A FFS office requires a FFS dentist”

Richard shares with Drew how he was able to grow to 40 FFS practice without a marketing budget. 

You will learn:

The difference between a PPO dentist and a FFS dentist.

The most effective form of marketing for FFS

How to build a DSO or a single practice the right way